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The Stuart Clark Venture Challenge along with other prestigious competitions support to stimulate and nourish the Entrepreneurial Spirit in MBAs and other graduate students around the world. In partic...
Prize: 15,000 CAD
01/28/2012 05:00  
The UC Center for Entrepreneurship Education & Research is pleased to announce that the University of Cincinnati and Cincom Systems will be hosting the 2012 UC Spirit of Enterprise Graduate Busin...
Prize: 10,000 USD
12/16/2011 05:00  
An annual event since 1997, the Business Plan Contest aims to provide an integrative learning experience for participating students. The Contest has spawned hundreds of business plans, and winners and...
Prize: 25,000 USD
12/14/2011 05:00  
The Contest is a simulated equity and currency trading game that provides Participants with up to five (5) fictional trading accounts (“Portfolios”), one million (1,000,000) fictional U.S. dollars (“C...
Prize: 1,000,000 USD
11/24/2011 05:00  
The William James Foundation seeks to encourage, support, and replicate new for-profit, businesses that have found financially viable ways to integrate social and/or environmental value into their bus...
Prize: 10,000 USD
10/12/2011 04:00  
The Purdue Life Sciences Business Plan Competition aims to foster translational research and accelerate the commercialization of intellectual property in the life sciences arena. In doing so, the Comp...
Prize: 50,000 USD
07/13/2011 04:00  
Network with the leading venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, researchers, analysts and marketers addressing the needs of the 50+ demographic as well as key members of the media who report on aging, he...
Prize: 10,000 USD
06/14/2011 04:00  
The Competition seeks submissions from entrants with substantial growth potential and high probability for scaling revenues. Generally, technology-based firms, or low-tech firms with pervasive concept...
Prize: 75,000 Awards
05/06/2011 04:00  
The Global Business Case Competition (GBCC) is an annual international case competition that brings together undergraduate university students from the United States and 12 - 14 other countries to com...
Prize: 3,000 USD
04/12/2011 04:00  
The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) began as the Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PEI) in 1991, offering an entrepreneurship curriculum for undergraduate and graduate stude...
Prize: 25,000 USD
04/06/2011 04:00  
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