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Work Safe Art
Author: Big Fat Prize
Category: >
Date: 07/15/2010
Prize URL:
Location: United States, Online, Online
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Prizes :
1 place: USD

Contest Description:
Contest Description: Renaissance painters never worried about whether or not their paintings were safe for viewing in a work environment or around small children. Paintings of disrobed people were abundant during those times. Your job in this contest is to make some of these NSFW (not safe for work) paintings SFW.
Contest Rules:
Contest Rules: Using your best Photoshop skills and blending abilities you are to take NSFW art and make it SFW (safe for work). You may add clothing (as demonstrated in the themepost), drape cloth, or use any means imaginable to cover the "exposed" portions of the painting/art. Your image, when completed, should look as if the original painter/creator actually created his/her masterpiece just as you show it. Remember to add a link to the original work of art so that voters may compare the original to your "dressed" masterpiece. Remember to read the FAQ regarding appropriate and inappropriate uploads. Quality is the key and poor quality entries will be disqualified. Good luck...and have fun!

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