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Manhattan Amateur Classic
Author: Big Fat Prize
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Date: 12/31/2010
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Location: United States, Online, Online
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The Manhattan Amateur Classic ("MAC"), the only annual DanceSport event that has been regularly held in New York City since 1991, provides an outlet for the wealth of dance talent in and around the New York metropolitan area. With the MAC's explosive growth in recent years, especially among youth dancers, MAC has become a dance mecca, taking its place among the nation's leading competitive events. MAC 2008 proudly hosted over 1000 competitors!!



Because of the large number of entries that the MAC receives, the number of events that competitors may enter is limited to a maximum of SIX (6) EVENTS.

An event is considered a set of dances grouped by style (Standard, Latin, Smooth and Rhythm), level (e.g., Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver) and age category (Adult, Senior I, Senior II) on the enclosed entry form. For example, all three dances of Standard Silver, Adult age category, constitute ONE event. The four dances of Pre-Championship Latin, Adult age category, constitute ONE event. The two dances of Pre-Bronze American Smooth, Adult age category, constitute ONE event.

One quick way to tell whether the limit has been reached is to count the number of cells circled on the entry form: If a competitor has circled more than six cells, the maximum has been exceeded, and that entry form will be deemed invalid. (For competitors who wish to enter more than one age category, please see SPECIAL NOTE 1 at right.)

The maximum applies to individuals, not couples, and those dancing with more than one partner must still adhere to the six event maximum. The maximum applies also to Masters of Syllabus. Team Match entries ONLY are excluded from the six event limit.

In following this policy, competitors must also adhere to all USA Dance rules concerning age and proficiency classifications and eligibility, including the rule that no competitor may dance in more than two consecutive proficiency levels in a style and age category (USA Dance Rulebook, sections 4.5.4 and 4.5.5). In other words, competitors may dance in Bronze and Silver, Adult age category, but not Bronze, Silver and Gold. (College competitors, please see SPECIAL NOTE 2 at right.) The only exception to this rule is Masters of Syllabus, which is open to all competitors, regardless of which other proficiency levels they are dancing. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE NO SEPARATE AGE CATEGORIES FOR MASTERS OF SYLLABUS. Competitors in Masters of Syllabus must adhere to syllabus figures, and as with all syllabus events, they will be strictly invigilated.

Team Match is excluded from the Six-Dance Limit. For more information on the Team Match, send an email to


FOR COMPETITORS ENTERING MORE THAN ONE AGE CATEGORY: If you wish to enter a level in more than one age category, please indicate that by circling the appropriate age categories under your event. For example, if you want to enter Silver Standard in both Senior I and Senior II, circle both S1 and S2 under Silver Standard. Take note that by doing so, you will have taken two of your allotted six events.


FOR COLLEGE COMPETITORS: Take note that proficiency points earned in Youth College Network (YCN) events do not apply to USA Dance competitions. If you have never danced in a USA Dance competition or if you have never gained sufficient proficiency points from dancing in a USA Dance competition, you may enter MAC at any level, consistent with the six event maximum, applicable provisions of the USA Dance Rulebook and the rules and regulations appearing on the other side of this page. Please note, though, that Pre-Bronze is a newcomer category and open only to dancers (i) who began dancing no earlier than August 2009 and (ii) who have not placed first (after dancing more than a final round) at more than two previous competitions. For all others, we encourage you to dance at your appropriate level. This means that if you are a Silver or Gold level dancer at YCN competitions and you have consistently placed in the top three, you should not dance Bronze at MAC. We count on you to do the right thing at the MAC.

If you have any questions, please use the contact information provided on the other side of this sheet.

Please also read and abide by the rules and regulations set forth on the other side.

Thank you!

1. All persons attending this competition as spectators, competitors, officials or guests shall be bound by USA Dance and USA Dance rules and by their participation become obliged to adhere to them. The organizers of this event shall have no responsibility for loss or theft of personal articles. USA Dance, USA Dance or the rental facilities cannot be held liable for any injury sustained while in attendance at this event. Persons attending do so at their own risk. All Athletes may be subject to drug testing by the IDSF or USA Dance.

2. Competition open to USA Dance and IDSF members in good standing. Familiarity with all applicable USA Dance and USA Dance rules is presumed.

3. Competitors may enter the level they are qualified to dance or higher levels but never below their proficiency level. MAC is a Recognized Competition, and as such, participating Athletes are eligible to earn proficiency points in accordance with section 4.5 of the USA Dance Rulebook. USA Dance Rulebook, section 4.5.5, regarding Age Classifications shall apply. This rule does NOT apply to Masters of Syllabus; all couples are allowed to enter this level, and all couples in this level must dance only ISTD syllabus figures. There will be only ONE age category for Masters of Syllabus.

4. All categories and events are subject to registration and time availability, and the organizers reserve the right to combine or cancel them where necessary.

5. Students shall be defined as full time elementary or high school students, undergraduates or graduates with a valid student ID.

6. All competitors are required to adhere to the dress code set forth in USA Dance Rulebook, section 3.10. Violations of the dress code may lead to a mark down of placement, expulsion or disqualification. A Costume Invigilator will be at the event to address all questions or issues that may arise with regard to dress code violations.

The determinations, decisions, rulings and judgments of the Costume Invigilator shall be final.
For competitors who enter events which prohibit costumes in one level or category but allow costumes in another, the organizers will not alter or modify the schedule to accommodate costume changes if time does not permit.

7. ALL EVENTS WILL BE STRICTLY INVIGILATED. Only ISTD syllabus figures will be permitted in syllabus events for International and American styles. The Invigilator shall be responsible for all decisions, determinations, rulings and judgments concerning syllabus infractions. The Invigilator’s decision shall be final.

8. The Chairperson of judges shall be responsible for decisions made with reference to problems in marking, ties or adjudication decisions. The Chairperson’s decision shall be final.

9. No smoking will be allowed anywhere on the premises of the competition.

REFUND POLICY: Competitors will not be allowed a refund of their registration fees unless a refund request is received in writing by no later than January 8, 2010. Requests received after that date will be considered solely at the discretion of the organizers. If these criteria are met refunds will be honored less a 10% processing fee.

11. Flagrant disregard of any rules and regulations will result in a mark down of placement or disqualification, where necessary or appropriate.

The organizers reserve the right to eject anyone from the premises for unruly conduct and for violating any of the above rules and regulations.

If you have any questions about anything related to MAC, please send e mail to For periodic updates relating to MAC, please visit our website (

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