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Kids- Acting- Up!- Talent- Competition
Author: Big Fat Prize
Category: Arts > Talent
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Location: United States, California, North Hollywood
Address: Kids Acting Up!,P.O.Box 16058,North Hollywood, CA 91615
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Prizes :
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1. All contestants must be at least 6 years old and able to read by competition time. Kids Acting Up! reserves the right to waive this rule on a case by case basis to some 5 year old contestants that can read.
2. At least one parent or guardian must be present at all times during the competition for contestants under the age of 18.  Parent participation is encouraged and required for contestants under 18. Our goal is the educate parents about the realities and legalities they need to be aware of as a parent in the business.
3. The contest has 4 age categories: Junior Division (6-9 years old)  Preteen Division (10-12 years old)  Teen Division (13-15 years old) and Young Adult Division (16-18 years old).
4.The competition will be divided into 4 parts: Monologue, Commercial Cold Read, Theatrical Audition, and Interview
Monologue Competition: Each contestant must come with a prepared and memorized 1 minute monologue.  Anything longer than 1 minute will be cut short. This competition allows the contestant a chance to show their talent and preparation of AGE APPROPRIATE material to our judges. No swearing or suggestive material will be allowed. Contestants will be taped.
Commercial Cold Read: This competition will mimic a real commercial audition. Copy of the commercial will not be available until aprroximately 15 minutes before the competition begins. Contestants will have cue cards and will be taped. As always, you should arrive on time, if not early.
Theatrical Audition: The audition sides for this competition will be handed out the afternoon or evening before the competition. In the business you rarely get your sides before this. Contestants will prepare their material as they would a regular audition. They will read one on one with a reader for our judges. Contestants will be taped.
Interview: Contestants will be asked a question from one or more of our judges. Our judges will be looking for confidence, presence, personality, a positive attitude, and ability to think on your feet. The interview is a very important aspect of all auditions and meetings in the business. Our suggestion is to be relaxed and yourself. This portion will also be taped.
5. About a week after the competition ends contestants can purchase a CD/DVD copy of their performances to review if they wish.
6. Judges will be awarding points to each contestant on an individual basis for each competition. They will be judged on their technical skill, overall talent, and personality and presence in each competition. In each category (technical, talent, personality) there will be a maximum of 5 points to earn. Points will be tallied by an independant accountant at the end of the competitions. Full details of scoring will be in contestant packets.
7. Prizes : There will be at least 8 agency contracts awarded. For each age category 2 contracts will be awarded. The male and female contestants with the most overall points in each age group will be awarded the agency contract. Due to the nature of the business, it will be up to the individual agencies who are awarding the contracts to decide if the contract will be for theatrical representation, commercial representation, or both. Please note that even if you(or your child) does not win, the agents may STILL want to sign you!  Abrams Artists Agency will be awarding the commercial contracts and Direct Talent will be awarding the theatrical contracts to the winners. They are both very interested in finding new talent.  Direct Talent is also looking for talent to represent for print jobs.
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