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Leading Edge Student Design Competition
Author: Big Fat Prize
Category: Arts > Architecture
Date: 04/02/2012 04:00
Prize URL:
Location: United States, California, Azusa
Address: Nasim Yalpani,Southern California Edison,6042 N. Irwindale Avenue, Suite B
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Prizes :
1 place: 3,000 USD
2 place: 2,000 USD
The Leading Edge Student Design Competition seeks to support and enhance the study of sustainable and energy-efficient building practices in Architectural Education.

Our theme this year is a co-housing community aimed at baby boomer retirees, emphasizing vitality and incorporating elements devoted to recreation, technology and a wellness center.


By entering the competition, each student and advisor agrees to abide by all the rules. Failure to follow any of the rules is grounds for disqualification of the entry.

Faculty Involvement

All participants must be supervised by a faculty advisor or instructor. The faculty member is responsible for determining the students’ class standing and insuring that they enter the correct level of the competition.

The competition may be treated as a course where an entire class of students enters as teams or as individuals. Alternatively, the competition may be entered by an individual student as an independent study project under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

Duration of the Competition

The duration of the competition will be any consecutive ten-week period within an academic quarter or semester as set by the instructor. The student will enter the start date of their working period on the online application form. The registration system will automatically assign the appropriate end date. Completed entries may be submitted at any time prior to the submission deadline. The address for submission is listed in the Correspondence section of Section 1.

Eligibility of Entrants

The Leading Edge Student Design Competition is open to all students of architecture and design who are currently enrolled in architecture, engineering, drafting or environmental design programs at two year colleges, four or five year colleges, universities, graduate programs, or technical schools. Students may work as teams or as individuals. While the number of students in a team is not limited, the organizers urge advisors to keep teams to a workable size such that each team member participates significantly in the competition.

Design Challenge 1 is intended for students in their third, fourth, or fifth year of undergraduate school and all graduate or post-baccalaureate students. Challenge 2 is intended for students in the first or second year of their undergraduate design education.

Teams do not need to be comprised of students at the same level of education, but the team must enter the Challenge level appropriate for the most senior student in the team. For example a team comprised of 3 first year students and 1 third year student must enter Challenge 1.

Only one entry per student or team may be submitted in each competition period. Furthermore, a student may not enter both as an individual and also as a member of a team.


Competitors must register by the deadline date given in the schedule (Section 1). Each individual or team will be assigned a registration number that must be indicated on all submitted materials. The purpose of the registration number is to maintain the anonymity of entrants. The registration number will be assigned at the time of online registration. Failure to use the registration number on submitted entries will result in disqualification. Online registration is found on the website

Submission of Entries

It is the entrant’s responsibility to package and ship presentation boards so that they arrive intact and on time. Late entries will not be accepted. The organizers are not responsible for loss or damage of design boards. Participants are advised to duplicate their entries prior to submittal to retain a record of their work.

No entries may be exhibited, published, or made available on the internet by the entrants until the results of the competition have been announced. Participants who publicize their schemes before the end of the competition will be disqualified.

The anonymity of all entries must be carefully preserved by the entrants. No name, logo, or mark that could serve as a means of identifying the student or the sponsoring institution can be included on the front or back of the display board. Only the entrant’s registration number may be written on the back of the board. Additional supporting documents (see Submission Requirements) should be attached to the back of the board in an envelope.

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